02006: Rookie Drivers

Given how I use Uber to get to and from the office (and pretty much everywhere else without Tobie), it has been rather surprising that I've encountered at least 3-4 relatively new drivers this week alone. I know this since (1) they have rather high feedback scores despite obvious inexperience and (2) many of them mention that this is their first time. And this shouldn't be too much of a concern as long as they have decent knowledge of how to get around the city - but I haven't been too lucky in that department either.

This week I've had a driver who took a wrong turn getting to my office and thus had to take the long way around in order to get onto the right road that he should have taken the first time. He then got lost on the way to my destination and so I ended up walking the last part of the way. Another driver almost missed the turn going to work. Another one took the wrong way around getting to the Sietch. They're minor annoyances since I'm quite on a strict time table while I'm traveling, but I still expect more from Uber.

At the same time, the increase in new drivers speaks well for Uber. It means that they're feeling confident that they'll continue to win support from the local government as tied to their on-going petition for support for ridesharing legislation. And while the annoyance of new drivers that are still finding their way around the city can be less than ideal, at least it means that Uber's business continues to grow, and thus coverage of the city should also improve.

Then again, I hear rumors of other ridesharing services like Lyft planning on entering the market, should provide some interesting competition. Of course all of these actions just continue to stress how bad our taxi system is and how much it needs a comprehensive overhaul, like all other forms of public transportation in the metropolist.