02004: A Lack of Stories

I kind of miss having blog posts that tell actual stories. I was reading a friend's blog recently and it quickly described a particular incident. And that felt a lot more substantial that some of the stuff that I end up writing here.

Then again, I'm always careful about what I say and I tend to avoid talking about work in detail. I also don't talk about family too much, so that leaves vague mentions of things here and there and the occasional soap box post about some major issue making the headlines or something.

So where are my stories? Does this mean that too much of my life is tied to work, thus I have nothing else to talk about in terms of my day to day life? As much as I live with Tobie, we only share limited bits of time together during the work week and we can only really hang out together during the weekend. So that sort of eliminates any stories I might have there.

And my life is pretty much bouncing between the office and the Sietch without many stops in-between, so that too limits the potential stories I might be able to get into. Good or bad, I kind of wish more things happened. Or maybe it's not even about good or bad - I'd just like life to continue to be interesting. Work is work and that can be pretty draining . I'm sure we all seek out interesting moments to help break the routine and help keep us sane.