02002: Mid-Gaming Fatigue

So I managed to stay awake for like 30 hours yesterday just because I really wanted to make the most of our gaming commitment for Saturday afternoon. And I think I was still doing decently well while we were playing board games since that mostly relies on the need to think through the game rules and related strategies. However our RPG session was a bit more of a struggle and I know there were moments when my character was babbling absolute nonsense despite my best efforts to keep focused.

But hey, it's part of the life and we do the best to balance things out between work, our home lives and our recreational activities with friends. Sometimes we break though and given all the madness of this week, I think it was quite the struggle on a number of levels. No regrets of course - work is work and I know that I really needed to have a good time to de-stress. And if that means risking my Artisan character making some references to the vice presidents that I deal with at work, I suppose it's worth it. I just feel bad that I didn't stay awake longer - I passed out right before what could have been a key moment. I just hope I didn't spoil things too much for the other players.

Today we're scheduled to play board games at another friend's place since our originally scheduled RPG session had to be postponed due to someone else dealing with work issues all the way through the weekend. We continue on as best as possible.