01994: Lonely Ships in Space

The way that people have responded to the death of Leonard Nimoy is interesting. A lot of us introvert kids who grew up on Star Trek clearly saw a lot of ourselves in Spock. Sure we're all human whereas Spock is Vulcan, but then we've all felt like we're outsiders to some degree. And beyond his role, Leonard Nimoy himself was a great man who showed a lot of love for his fans and acted as a virtual grandfather to many of us. He's just that awesome.

Recent events among friends remind me of just how crucial good relationships are. Whether we're talking about romantic entanglements or just really good friendships. Even introverts have friends and perhaps because of our social limitations we treat each relationship with such value, it really hurts when our trust is broken or something goes wrong. We put a lot of heart into making things work and trying to forgive minor transgressions, but in the end one has to think of oneself.

But even if we know a relationship needs to come to an end, it still hurts a lot and not everyone - introvert or otherwise - is fully prepared to deal with that sort of thing. Such moment are when life seems to pull the rug out from under you and your whole perspective on the world shifts about and you find yourself struggling to find you way back to balance.

And thus the few friends that we do have are critical in such moments to help us through these moments. But again, it's a little ironic for more introverted folks since friends aren't easy to come by to begin with. A lot of us just move on and try to work independently, saying that we don't need friends. Others hold on to a few precious souls as best as possible.

I don't have a specific point here - just me thinking out loud or something. But hey, that's life. We do the best that we can.