0196A: Papal Fatigue

I'm really looking forward to the end of this papal visit so we can go back to life as normal in the Philippines. And while special holidays and the fact most folks are gathered only in key areas of the city have resulted in much smoother driving up and down EDSA, the public discussions related to the visit have gotten rather tiring. When 90% of all headline news items are related to one aspect of the visit or another, you know things slipping through the cracks and equally important news items are being pushed aside.

Going back to normal brings with it the usual challenges of Metro Manila traffic, corruption allegations in the news and the usual political mud-slinging practically defining local policy. We'll go back to trying to bring down Binay's popularity ratings in the surveys and trying to figure out how VIP prisoners continue to smuggle in luxury items, cash, and firearms into supposedly secure areas. All such fun aspects of Philippine life.

Yes, life here is hardly ideal, but I'd rather we deal with our usual crap instead of all this put-on humility and folks trying to pretend they're more noble and moral than the actually are. It would be nice if any changes in behavior represent lasting change in anyone. But that's human nature for you.