01977: Lost Time

It was a bit of a struggle to wake up tonight and it's already 11:00pm as I start writing this post. For the most part, I've "lost" my Saturday to sleep - which is not an uncommon occurrence in my life given my work schedule. And while I'm free to make the most of what's left of the evening, the feeling of lost time is hard to shake off.

It feels especially frustrating when one actually thinks back on the day and tries to consider what has been accomplished during today's calendar day. Sure, I got stuff done at work as expected, but that's hardly much to write home about. Beyond that it was the trudge home via Uber, a quick catch-up call with my sister and maybe a little fun time with Yoshi. I fell asleep trying to share stories of my work day with Tobie.

But there's only so much that can be done at this point. Life is what it is and there's no changing the past. And as long as I continue to live the call center life, I'll continue to have weird weekends like this.

At least I'll be able to visit the new O Bar tonight with Tobie.