01976: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity
After yesterday's moment of minor stress-induced panic, I found myself trying to think of ways forward. In such moments, it's often best to focus on what can be done instead of endlessly worrying about possibilities upon possibilities. So I got more work done, continued my preparations and did my best to move forward.

But on another front, I was thinking about ways to entertain myself and explore other avenues of stress relief. Since I don't find myself wanting to share my problems with anyone other than Tobie and my sister, best to find alternate coping methods. And after reading an article discussing various Star Trek video games, I've made an unusual decision.

I've decided to try exploring the Star Trek Online MMO. I've just downloaded the free-to-play game and will try to get a character created by the weekend. Beyond that, well see how things go. I know I hardly have enough time to play any MMO to a serious extent, so this is going to be a stretch. But in the absence of a Star Trek series on air these days, this might be an interesting avenue.

The last time I had ever played an MMO was at least 7 years ago when I used to play Priston Tale. It wasn't a particularly great game but it was something my ex and I got into for one reason or another. In hindsight I really wish I hadn't created a healer for that game. So we'll see how exploring the worlds of the Federation and beyond might be like.