01974: Yoshi's Bath

As soon as I got home, I took the time to give Yoshi a bath. My feeling sick over the weekend resulted in a number of Sietch chores being missed out on, much to my regret. As I continue on the path of full recovery. I've also been playing catch-up with various chores. This has involved a number of things including getting bills paid, ordering more water and of course giving the dog a bath.

Considering this dog has had a history of fungal infections in his under coat, we continue to take these baths seriously. Apart from special shampoos, part of the bathing ritual also involves making sure that he's completely dry after. And to this end we actually bought him a blow dryer just for his use.

So after a long work day, I made sure to get the bath out of the way first thing. Such errands can be tiring regardless and if you defer them further, you're bound to give in to fatigue and just forget delay it for another day. So that was my morning - huddled on the floor with this cute little dog in order to make sure he gets cleaned up. And since part of the routine means letting the soap soak in for a good 10 minutes, this also meant me hugging a soapy dog for 10 minutes since he was shivering a bit.

I love this dog so much. And while such tasks can be tiring, we'll go to any lengths to make sure he's healthy and well.