01972: Drifting

As is the nature of things when you're sick, I feel like I've lost a lot of time to sleep. On again and off again drug-induced naps certainly go a long way towards me getting better, but darn it feels like I could have done so many other things. But hey, when the body demands rest, you need to give it rest. I'm only thankful that whatever illness has hampered me this weekend hasn't been too serious. I think managed to nip things at the bud before it could result in a higher fever or other complications of that nature.

And while I'm not quite perfectly healthy just yet, I have to concede that I'm well enough to go back to work later tonight. You know how that feels like - when you're still feeling all sluggish because of the illness and maybe the medication but it's not enough to justify another sick day. Plus there's the fact that another day away from the office means another day of work to pile-up. And just thinking about that can make anyone feel a little bit worse about things.

I think I'll go lie down again and wait for Tobie to come home. Bugger how annoying feeling sick is.