01970: Dry Docked

So Friday night I woke up feeling pretty miserable since my cold had turned my nose into a leaky faucet and my throat was in a state that made speaking pretty difficult. Tobie vetoed my initial decision to go to work and so I just did my best to assist with work duties from home. There were still quite a number of things that needed to get done, but to be fair they weren't exactly things that I could do anything directly about. Most of our deliverables were in the hands of others and it was mostly a matter of pushing them to give us answers.

Tobie stayed up with me to watch over me since I couldn't exactly sleep while waiting for updates via the office webmail. And so we at least got to watch a few things and play a few rounds of Legendary Encounters to boot.

Random thoughts partially muddled by drugs:

  • After sprinting through the last three episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show, it's painfully clear that the creative team behind the show really don't know how to end things. Across all of the seasons of this anthology series, they start fairly big with an ambitious concept but them flounder at the end. The last three episodes were all about hastily resolving plot lines in a rather slipshod manner.
  • I'm not really sure where Gotham wants to go with how its stories have been progressing. Beyond the various hints for different Batman villains seeded into almost every episode, there's mostly no major forward momentum for any sort of meta-plot.
  • Birdman was a truly visually impressive, if only for how cleanly they managed to stitch together their sequences to make it appear as a single take. This movie impressed us a lot more than Boyhood, although the parallelisms between actors, characters, and their in-movie theater actors got a little heavy at some point. Brilliant acting all around.
  • Legendary Encounters is such a lovely game. It's brutal and it's easy to lose, but admittedly it has really grown on us over time.