0196C: Kindle Delay

So last year, I took advantage of the Black Friday deals and purchased a Kindle Paperwhite for myself. It felt like the more cost-effective decision as compared to getting a Kindle Voyage, which is a whole lot of pretty costing a heck of a lot of money as well. It's just as well - my old Kindle 3 is slowly dying on me and thus a replacement Kindle is certainly in order.

Of course the nuances of our shipping arrangement with Tobie's brother in the US means that we tend to collate orders over a period of time in order to eventually fill up a balikbayan box of goodies before shipping. And that's sea freight shipping, which takes a fair amount of time. Factor in the recent port congestion issues and thus means that my Kindle is probably sitting in a box somewhere together with various Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection figures all bundled together. It's not the fastest way to ship all these things, but it's certainly safe and secure and best of all more affordable.

But man, I'd be lying if I claimed to be patiently waiting. It doesn't help that shortly after it successfully arrived in the US, I automatically got the automated welcome email for the new Paperwhite experience. I deliberately archived that email immediately so as not to taunt me further with the fact that my Kindle isn't here yet. I try to ignore the fact that it appears in my list of possible destinations for sending ebooks when I'm organizing my Kindle library. I try not to think about it the more I noticed the lines that now mar my Kindle 3 screen or when my power button refuses to snap back into place.

Patience, Rocky, patience. It'll arrive soon enough. All this because I'm a cheapskate who didn't want to get it shipped directly. Given how crazy our customs people are, can you blame me?