01969: Starting 2015 With a Bang

It's been a really busy week at work and I'm especially glad for the weekend this time around. I suppose it was to be expected given human tendencies around this time of the year. The first week was recovery mode as everyone got caught up on their backlog and had to shake off the holiday vibes. And then we have this week with everyone feeling a lot more in tune with the working world and deadlines left and right. It was one of those work weeks that had us admiring how much had been accomplished over the course of five days.

2015 has also been marked with a new "bad" habit for me - checking my work email over the weekend. I don't have the access rights to push my email to my phone or anything like that, so when I say I've been checking email, it means consciously sitting down at my computer and logging into the web mail application. Despite my promises to myself not to do that and to not bring home work in general, the pace of things at the start of the year has me breaking that personal rule quite a bit. Right before composing this blog post I had gone through the few updates that had trickled into my work inbox just to make sure that I had covered my basis.

2015 is going to be a pretty big year for a number of reasons. The work front is definitely one of the more notable areas of interest. Let's just hope things don't get too crazy.

For once, tonight is pretty much just a time for rest. We don't have a scheduled game night given how tired Tobie and I both are. We spent most of the day asleep, only waking up to receive our laundry and maybe the odd Yoshi kiss or two. Games will have to wait for tomorrow.