01967: One Year of ThinkUp

So I got my little reminder that my ThinkUp membership is coming up for renewal. I originally signed up because of my wanting to support Gina Trapani, who has been one of my "idols" of sorts in the tech community ever since her early Lifehacker days. I've noted a few folks including my nerd crush Mike Rugnetta cancelling his subscription and I'm weighing whether to proceed or not. I have like another day to really think about it before finalizing things.

ThinkUp is hard to explain since it's not your typical social media analytics platform. Their goal is to come up with insights that are more relevant to actual humans instead of vague numbers like number of followers or number of likes. Thus instead of sheer numbers, they try to highlight trends more, focus on behaviors like when you thank people or when you swear and other tidbits of that nature. It's nice for your personal social media platforms but I can imagine businesses wanting to go back to numbers. It's just how the world works.

I still believe that ThinkUp is on the right track here and are developing a completely different way to look at social media insights. The product has some novel stuff but admittedly there's still a fair amount of noise that is nice to know but not super interesting. We have TimeHop like functions that show insights from one year ago but then that's about it for now - no further digging at this point. And paying about $50 a year for membership isn't overly painful just yet. I'm also paying for NewsBlur for like $24 a year just for RSS aggregation, so it still feels pretty cost effective.

What do you look for in social media analytics? Are you content with merely getting follower counts and vague "engagement" numbers that I'm never really sure how they work out?