01965: Exhaustion

For the most part, I have a desk job. Day in and day out, my greater challenge is reminding myself to stand up and walk around every 30 minutes or so (realistically I only manage every hour maybe). But then I have my crazy days when I can't seem to find an opportunity to sit down and I'm running all over the site, or something along those lines.

Yesterday my big boss flew in for a visit that can't even be considered to be a full day. But starting with dinner and going across two of our Metro Manila locations, meeting different members of our operations team and trying to brainstorm future strategies. But I also had regular agenda items that I needed to address so every car trip was critical to ironing out final details. My day almost ended once I had gotten the last details that I had needed on the ride to the airport, but then I still had a few more emails to send out and regular work of that nature,

So I went home pretty early and I expected to be able to wait up long enough to see Tobie off to work. Instead I barely had the strength to wash up before squeezing into bed beside him and falling fast asleep soon after. Even more surprising was the fact that I woke up past 05:00pm, which means that I had been asleep for about 10 hours or something. I guess that stressed just how tired I really was given all the back and forth.

Now I'm trying to make up for lost time by catching up with my blogging while waiting for Tobie to get home. Yoshi is of course asleep at my feet, waiting for me to feed him more treats or play with him. Time moves on.