01964: Travel Heck

Getting an Uber in rush hour traffic is a rather rare event at times. Tonight I wasn't so lucky. But hey, at least I got a decent cab soon enough.

Metro Manila travel seems to have gotten worse over the years. Before I could gamble on the MRT more often than not but that no longer seems to be the case. The multiple break-downs experienced by the light rail system have really brought its safety and reliability into question. What more the challenge of just catching a train since the trains get scarily crowded almost all the time.

Buses continue to weird me out. They drive rather recklessly down EDSA, and the seats aren't at all comfortable. Plus there's the fact that some have spontaneously combusted and so many stories of pretty theft also circulate.

Taxis are a mixed bag of okay and horrible, especially given the many cases of robbery during the recent holiday season. It's why I end up spending so much on Uber rides everywhere.

There are simply too many people in this metropolis and the infrastructure simply hasn't caught up. As I type this I'm barely past Ortigas and I know I have quite the journey ahead of me still before I get to Makati. And it shouldn't take this long to travel so short a distance!

There are days when it feels like the only way to deal with Manila traffic is to never leave the house at all.