0195C: Looking Forward for 2015

We're three days into 2015 and it seems a good a time as any to think about future plans and goals for the year. The term New Year's Resolutions feels a little tired and cliche and seemed doomed to failure, but that's media influence for you I suppose. So let's do the common thing.

In years past, my usual goals include (1) finding a house and (2) writing more. I think I've partially eliminated the first goal for now - we're not quite at a point in our lives when the finances make total sense unless we wipe ourselves out to buy property. And that assumes that we first find a place that feels right, and quite frankly that has yet to happen. The second goal...I've really failed badly at that thus far. My mind seem to be distracted by too many other things and my creative juices just haven't been flowing. No one is more disappointed about this than I am.

On the flip side, I think my personal finances are still doing pretty well. And while getting a house is beyond my comfortable reach, I've managed to maintain financial discipline in order to continue to build up on my savings. And yet I've still been able to get a good number of new Transformers, but less than I had the year before. That was a rather interesting development and I think I'll continue to refine and narrow my Transformers collecting in order to make the most of things without going overboard.

So what do I want to do this year? How do I plan to invest the time that lays ahead in the best way possible? Time is the ultimate currency that we all deal in and one that we all have to make the most of. There's no way to grow your investment of time or even get a minute of time back. It's there one moment, and then it's gone just as quickly.

The future is always such an exciting concept. It's the ultimate malleable material that can be shaped and formed into practically anything that we want. We just need the right tools and the right frame of mind to create something amazing out of all this future stuff. The biggest question is where to begin - how does one conceive what to create? There are always stories of sculptors seeing the shapes of their creations hidden in the marble. What do we see out of the star stuff of time?

I feel like I have an especially valuable material to work with this year. Something that is exquisite and rare. We only get one chance to do this right, and then we'll just have to live with what we create. Then that once valuable material is locked in its new form. And the question of whether or not it's still valuable is anyone's guess.

So what does the future hold for all of us? What will I create with what I hold in my hands? What will this year look like?