0195B: Gaming Friday

So Tobie and I just finished our first proper dive into the world of LittleBigPlanet 3 after I had purchased the game for Tobie some time last month. It just shows how busy we are given what little time we're able to allocate to console gaming. But when we do find time, it can be quite a lot of fun.

Tobie has always loved this particular game franchise. The whole open-ended nature of the game given the ability to customize so many things and even create your own levels is just brilliant for true creatives like Tobie. And that particular aspect of the LBP experience has evolved over time from being able to create custom stages to recreating totally different games using the LBP platform. At its core it's a platformer, but the additional bells and whistles added into the mix have opened the doors to racing games, shooters and a whole lot of others.

This latest installment introduces new gadgets but also additional characters that operate in a completely different manner compared to our little friend Sackboy. We just unlocked OddSock, who seems to be rather canine and offers brilliant running and jumping abilities. I know we're just scratching the surface of what this game is capable of and it will be interesting to explore things further, as much as our free time permits.

Beyond that, we had another impromptu game night last night, which seems to be the theme for this holiday period. We pretty much just played board games all night and it was a fun experience, as usual. I just feel a little frustrated that we didn't defeat the Nazis in Fortune & Glory, but then the way the cards were coming out, we really didn't have much of an option there. But at least we had a lot of good fun.

We'll be heading out to Wicked Bar later tonight. Wait for us friends in the south!