01958: Cousins Gaming Day

We finally own an official copy of Machi Koro!
So we spent most of today playing board games and card games with my cousins. The idea had come along last Saturday during the birthday party / reunion at Laguna when our efforts to get a game started were aborted since my cousins had to leave earlier. And given they had actually made sure to get us Christmas gifts, it seemed only fair that I try to do something in turn. And the end result was scheduling a game day during this holiday period.

We started pretty early by our gaming standards since we had them arrive in the afternoon. So by 02:00pm, we were already getting started on our first game, Sushi Go! From there we just kept the games rolling in with Splendor, Forbidden Desert, Dixit, Munchkin Panic, Machi Koro, and Lords of Waterdeep! The whole experience had echoes of time gone by when summer vacations would be spent with my cousins and I huddled around board games like Monopoly and Sorry to help pass the time. I guess gaming was always a thing in our family. At the same time, it's nice to see just how grown up everyone us. It's far too easy to fall back on old assumptions and still see other family members as we used to in our childhood. We've all come such a long way.

So now it looks like I'll have to try and schedule more game days with my cousins in the coming year. And I imagine other cousins and similar members of the family may ask for a session as well. After all, we all grew up together in this one big house and thus a lot of free time was spent together. And it's interesting to revisit those family bonds and see how things go.