01957: Post Holiday Decongestion

Christmas is pretty serious business in the Philippines. Regardless of your family's specific spin on this little tradition, I'm sure that a lot of folks can relate to just how tiring the holiday season can be. There's a lot of fun to be had and great new memories to create, but in the end your body can only handle so much. And thus it's nice to make the most of the period between Christmas and the New Year to get some actual rest.

For us, this means schedule different gaming meet-ups with friends who didn't use the long holiday period to schedule out-of-town trips. And Tobie seems to have done rather well in this department since he's been keeping things busy all weekend despite the lack of advanced scheduling. And I think I'll be throwing in a few schedules of my own this week to keep things interesting

This is not to say that we intend to spend every single day this week gaming. Today is a good example of us just using the time to relax, catch up on our respective holiday stories from the last week and finding new ways to spoil our little Yoshi. He's been a little demanding of my attention since I got back, but a few crispy pata bones have helped appease him.

Beyond this, you can expect us to spend some time at either O Bar or Wicked to hang out with friends, and of course get some massage time scheduled into he mix of things as well.