01956: Holiday Round-Up

Finally back home at the Sietch and Yoshi is at my feet, happily munching on a crispy pata bone that I had brought home from Tagaytay Highlands. Yes, even the dog has something to enjoy as part of the holiday season. I'm already making tentative plans to meet up with my cousins this Tuesday for a game day and Tobie and I have much to discuss about what to do with the next few days. The last week was about the family and this week will be about Tobie and Yoshi and the awesomeness of the Sietch.

Spent the last day as part of a weird career intervention (surprise!), great eating and some last-minute gaming with my brother. Last night was Torchlight II while today was Splendor and Takenoko. And I've come home to a Sietch with another game night in-progress and more board games and maybe an RPG on the horizon. It should be an interesting nice.

Time with the family is rarely a bad thing. But time at home is definitely awesome.

Plus I have so many Transformers to enjoy this week all thanks to Tobie! Woohoo!