01955: Holidays Apart

Feeling pretty beat from all the traveling today. Getting back to Metro Manila is always more challenging than it needs to be, but of course we don't have much choice in the matter. But the holiday season is really all about family and thus the need to travel around as well to stay in touch with family and to make the rounds. And it all just goes on to remind me that I should probably try to find time to meet up with family more and things of this nature. But of course it always feels like there's never enough time in the day for all the things that we hope to do.

I also feel a little bad that Tobie is home alone this weekend. At the very least he has found friends to hang out with for games and such and that should help pass the time. But the holidays are still mainly family time and not all families are quite ready to deal with LGBT relationships in their faces. And since we all love and respect our families, we're giving them time to come around. It'll happen eventually, but just not quite yet.

Of course has nothing to do with whether or not I've enjoyed my time. It has been a pretty amazing holiday thus far given our time in Tagaytay Highlands and today's quirky birthday party / holiday surprise event. This family certainly loves its surprises, hehe.

Christmas is such a happy time.