01954: Outside Manila

So it has been a pretty relaxing holiday here at The Belle View at Tagaytay Highlands. It's a really lovely venue and certainly something that I hope to afford on my own someday. It's always nice to have the family all together like this, even though we've spend most of the time pretty much just lounging around the hotel room.

I brought along a number of games, although it has been mostly my brother Mico and I doing most of the playing. I still might be able to get the folks involved in the games but no pressure there. Everyone has come over to relax somewhat, and we all have our respective ways of doing so.

The only challenge with our stay here is that fact that mobile data signal is pretty weak here at the unit. But I suppose that's to be expected from a facility cut out of the side of a hill. Fantastic view of Taal Lake, but lousy mobile connection. It's just as well - it's forcing all of us to disconnect more. Well, at least outside instances we go to the club house where the signal is much better. Case in point, I'm drafting this post on my phone with the Bloggeroid app with the hope of getting it posted later tonight.

We'll be here one more night, then it's off back to Manila sometime on Saturday. At least I'll get to tinker with Waze again in the way back.