01952: Last Minute Preparations

The commute home wasn't quite as bad as feared but it was definitely slower than usual. The holiday exodus began in earnest last night and it'll continue on all day. And given who Cubao is a major transport hub within Metro Manila, the traffic is always going to be a little bad around here. But the surprise rain showers are definitely not helping things at all.

I just stopped for lunch with Tobie and to de-stress from the ride home. I still have to get my gear packed and find time to pick up some wrapping paper along the way. As much as friends have offered many suggestions about alternative ways to wrap stuff, our digital-centric life means little to no magazines or Sunday comics to use as alternatives. And call me stupidly commercial, but I like my Christmas festivities to include proper wrapping paper.

And yes, this is despite the fact that same wrapping paper will be torn to shreds within the next 24 hours. It's all part of the holiday fun!

And now to get to work.