0194E: Christmas Crunch

Between Christmas parties, end-of-year work obligations, and gift shopping, December is always such a busy time. In the last 24 hours Tobie had his company Christmas party while I was at work, then he met up with me for lunch to join my department for a little Christmas brunch, and then we stopped by Gaming Library to pick up a game and of course ended up getting a few more. To be fair, this also marked pretty much the end of my own Christmas shopping since one of my gifts is a game. Good deal, yes?

I just need to find time to get them all wrapped and then I'll feel much better. Sadly, Tobie hasn't had a chance to really get started on his shopping just yet so that's a bit of a challenge. I worry he won't be able to get anything in time for Christmas itself. But we'll see, there might be some last-minute options that will come along just in time.

I'm going to be away from the Sietch for most of the holiday period and I think my game selections are already pretty good. I just hope that they actually play well with everyone - it's always a little hard to determine what family might like. Then again, I should just trust in how awesome games are these days.

This is also the last gaming weekend for us and we have a full calendar. Tonight we'll be playing Aether Sea with some new players (and of course some returning ones). And tomorrow will be our last session of Houses of the Blooded for the year. Good times.