0194B: The Growing Gaming Collection

So as of our latest update of our Board Game Geek collection, it looks like we finally have just over 100 games in our collection. Sure, a number of them are merely expansions to existing games and don't necessarily count as separate expansions, but on the whole it's a pretty impressive collection to look at.

You could say that this is Tobie's equivalent to my Transformers collection. To be fair, the games are certainly shared between the two of us and are the mainstay of many a game night, but I'll always think of gaming to be primarily Tobie's thing. After all, he introduced me to the wonderful world of modern tabletop gaming in terms of both his pen and paper RPGs and these board games. We've come a long, long way from classic board games like Monopoly and Sorry.

Of course storage is the biggest challenge related to these games and the collection now dominates a rather large part of the Sietch. We've resorted to using a mix of shelves and plastic bins to keep them generally organized, but that's still a large amount of floor space that has been taken up by the games. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but then we also need to consider that it's getting a little cumbersome. When we finally get a permanent (non-rental) home, we'll certainly consider how to store everything more effectively.

In the meantime, anyone fancy a game?