0194A: Christmas Progress Report

I'm now about 83% done with my Christmas shopping for the year - this may change should I suddenly feel more generous and increase the denominator in that equation.

I wish I shopped much earlier in the year - I always tell myself to try and find possible Christmas gifts all throughout the year instead of rushing things around Christmas. But things just happen along the way and I end up amid the throngs of Christmas shoppers anyway. Ah well, such is life.

As much as it feels a little rushed, I'd like to think that my gifts are still somewhat thoughtfully selected. I do put some effort into finding a gift that makes some sense with respect to the recipient - I just hope they figure out why they're receiving it. There has been more than one instance where I've had to explain a gift shortly after he or she rips the wrapping paper off.

At the same time, I do find that I can come to a purchasing decision fairly quickly when I'm well in the gift shopping mode. I start with a vague idea of what I hope to get the person , but I'm quick to make selections based on what a store actually has to offer. Plus the greater motivation of wanting to get out of the Christmas crowds really works wonders.

But I'm still not done, and time is running out. I still have a busy work week to get through before I can consider shopping again. It's a small blessing that local online shopping options have become a lot more viable. Plus there's the benefit of living so near Araneta Center. The malls here aren't as well-stocked as others, but they get the job done in a pinch.

I just want to get this over with so I can stop stressing over it. One less thing on my plate, please.