01947: Crazy Pride Day Schedule

I've just gotten home from last night's work shift and figured this would be my only time to put together a quick blog post for the day. We have a really busy schedule ahead of us and there's little to no room for mistakes.

Today's schedule includes:
The first-ever Quezon City LGBTQ Pride March in the afternoon (FAQs here)
O Bar's 9th Anniversary Party in the evening
Little to no sleep in-between.

But, forcing myself awake in order to make the most of my weekends is just another part of the call center life in the Philippines.

In hindsight, I probably should have filed leave for yesterday in order to have gotten enough rest for today. But hey, we live with the choices that we make.

And the best things in life aren't necessarily free - they more often than not require sacrifice and perseverance.

Happy Pride, folks. Today is going to be an extra special day.