01943: Tired Brain Word Vomit

I've been watching listening to a lot of Extra Credits episodes as sort of background to when I blog and such. And while one doesn't necessarily have to agree with what they have to say, for the most part I appreciate the insight they provide into the video game industry and related topics. They're really trying to put some serious thought into the how and why of video games and that can't possibly be a bad thing. And while I'm still digging through their archives from years ago, it's still a pretty enlightening experience.

This doesn't mean that I could get into the game development sphere like Tobie - I'm passionate about games but I know that Tobie is a lot better than thinking through game system. His long experience as an RPG storyteller really comes in handy in his day job. I sort of envy that at times, but that's not the point here.

Although this is a personal blog, and so I'm not actually obligated to make a point. I do seem to try t make a point a lot, but that's just how the writer part of my brain is wired. But we all get into those times when we're too tired to activate the more significant parts of our brains. And so word vomit.

Back to Extra Credits though, the show is great at pointing out interesting aspects of games whether in general or when they discuss individual titles. One of the videos that struck me rather deeply was the two-part video that compared the Hero's Journey to, well, Journey. It now seems totally obvious to me now after watching the video, but then this just goes to show how it's easy not to put too much though into games when you're playing them. There's a lot of careful thought and effort that goes into a lot of games. We just have to take the time to appreciate them in a more intellectual fashion from time to time. Or something like that.