0193F: Yet Another Typhoon Watch

PAG-ASA forecast as of 05:00am on 12/05
So all attention is on Typhoon Ruby / Hagupit this weekend as the typhoon's erratic behavior has made accurate forecasting pretty difficult. Some paths have it staying in the Visayas region while other routes have it crossing over Metro Manila. Earlier projections had landfall estimated for tonight while more recent ones are toying between Saturday or Sunday. And that's just the probably Visayas timeline - there are more questions as to when it will hit Metro Manila and all that good fun.

Tomorrow is the Metro Manila Pride March and I certainly hope that the event doesn't get rained out. And while we're marching with the QC Pride March next weekend this time around, I strongly feel that both marches are important. The biggest irony is that one of the reason the Pride March shifted from June to December was to avoid the rainy weather. But there's climate change for you, totally changing our once predictable weather patterns.

On a more personal note, we're scheduled to watch Chicago on Sunday. Given the storm projections, I'm pretty sure that there's no getting out of the rain in order to catch the play. Safety first of course, but this is a major musical! We'll continue to monitor the weather to see how things go.

But seriously, with luck this should be the last typhoon of the year. And hopefully the typhoon remain consistent in its inconsistency by drastically weakening when it finally makes landfall or something. People have suffered enough and our post-Yolanda rehabilitation efforts are nowhere near where they need to be at this point. But at this point there's not much else that can be done beyond hoping for the best and trusting in the preparations that have been made thus far.