0189C: Realty Thinking

Over the years, Tobie and I have repeatedly considered full home ownership. Thus we've looked at quite a number of houses over the years, which I'm sure is the same case for any couple that has been living together for any period of time. In an LGBT context, the prospects of owning a piece of property together represents one of the few instances when both of our names can appear together on a legal document.

Buying property is not something to be undertaken lightly, of course. There are a lot of things to consider. Every time we get close to a possible purchasing decision, we end up going through the rather lengthy checklist of things to consider over and over again just to be absolutely sure. But of course, thus far we've been unable to get past that point in the process

And that's not unreasonable - we're going to be invested in this for quite some time and this may represent a legal commitment that will span at least 10-15 years as we settle the mortgage payments. And there will always be those that will argue that home ownership is no longer quite as practical in Metro Manila and we may be better off just continuing to rent or whatever.

And given how rainy weather now seems to bring Metro Manila to a standstill, one also has to consider how safe the area is in terms of flooding, potential earthquakes and even just basic security. Living in a gated community would be totally awesome, but thus far it seems a little beyond our budget. So the alternative is looking for townhome complexes that include their own security for the area as part of the potential amenities.

We're taking so long since we both know that this will mean going somewhat all-in financially just to get the home. And thus it has to be the absolutely best place to live in since we may spend the rest of our lives together in that little home. I know the right place for us is out there - we'll find it soon enough.