01899: Weather Worry

It looks like we have another rainy weekend ahead.

A few years ago I wouldn't have overly minded a little rain. Rainy days mean cooler weather for the most part and even a pleasant breeze at times. But as we've all noticed more and more in recent years, Metro Manila seems less and less capable of handling any amount of rain effectively. And so there's a certain tone of nervousness that one can sense when it starts to rain pretty hard.

I also have one more work shift to deal with tonight, and rainy weather won't make getting to the office any more fun. But hey, we all have to make a living.

I'm experimenting with different cloud-based solutions for different things as of late. Beyond my already being quite the Google Apps fanboy, I've expanded into playing with Microsoft's online offerings through Office 365 and a few other things. I've also revived my Hootsuite account for social media management, which is both for personal convenience when updating statuses but also to tinker with its other features. Always nice to keep busy.

Here's to hoping that the weekend is kind to all of us. We could certainly use a break.