01896: Zombie Monday

Because I had fallen asleep beside Tobie on Sunday night given how tired we both were, I ended up being a bit too rested for all of Monday. That in turn prevented me from sleeping in the afternoon in preparation for my Monday evening work shift. Things were particularly bad yesterday since I didn't even managed to nap - just as I would drift off my body with be shaken awake by the intensity of my own coughing. It hasn't been all that pleasant.

So I went to work with little to no sleep under my best and started the day feeling pretty weary. But given that I had not gone to work last Friday because of Typhoon Mario, I knew I really needed to get back into the work grind and deal with all my pending deliverables. As much as I was able to get some work done from home thanks to my install of Office 365 Home, problems with our web mail prevented me from sending attachments for some strange reason. But thankfully I managed to sneak in OneDrive past my office laptop's lack of administrator credentials so the files were already waiting for me once I had booted up the computer

Despite my brain flashing various alerts on my imaginary Battletech-style HUD overlaid across my vision, I still managed to get a lot of things done. The rest of the week shouldn't be too bad - provided I actually get some sleep today.

Oh wait, you don't imagine targeting crosshairs and information about your heat levels as you walk around the city? As much as I love the Transformers, it's easier to imagine myself in command of a BattleMech than being one of the noble Autobots or something. But this is still the clearer view of the world and not the all-red tint that the Terminators experience.

That last paragraph probably has no true value apart from demonstrating the strange directions my brain is taking now. Such fun.