01892: The More Things Change

Every year the rains come. Every year we find ourselves wading in flood water. We huddle in the dark around candles as we wait for updates of things becoming better.

We've become very savvy with using social media as part of our overall relief operations. We've developed new warning systems that trigger evacuation efforts much earlier than before, thus saving more lives. We continue to do better in terms of how we respond to the effects of various typhoons and monsoon rains.

But the city continues to flood at the slightest chance of rain. Our main highways turn into virtual rivers. Makati City, our supposed central business district, is notorious for waist-high floods and people resorting to refrigerator rafts to get to and fro. Our infrastructure has seen no major improvements since Ondoy or since Milenyo or whatever.

Be safe. Stay dry. And when this is past, we need to keep the pressure on to demand more of our government, both local and national.