0188F: Business Thought Scrawl

Just thinking out loud for a moment.

A gaming cafe seems like a fun idea that plays to both of our strengths. Of course this is not longer a totally original idea with the success of geek venues like Ludo and Makati B&B, so the market may not necessarily need a new player in this particular niche. And of course it's not like we have the sort of seed capital or potential investors for that sort of a deal just yet. And I can't imagine the margins are as big as they could be given the nature of Philippine regulations for both businesses and restaurants. This might be a fun long-term plan as a retirement-level business on the side or something. Who knows.

On the other hand, I suppose anything that I try to get into professionally should take advantage of my writing. And I'm not just talking about my creative writing but more so my business writing and all that I've learned about marketing in recent years. That could apply to a wide number of fields, but at the same time it's also a highly competitive market.

There's also my earlier desire to incorporate Google Apps into a business somehow - it seems practical although it may not necessarily be the best of ideas overall. But I can't just build a business model around a desire. That just doesn't make sense. So I'll need to figure out the business first, then figure out if Google Apps can play a supporting role.

There's also the possibility of some sort of online business, but again I'm drawing a blank as to what I can offer. Online writing gigs are a dime a dozen and the market is skewed to the point that most freelancers are being horribly underpaid. There has to be something more compelling that one can offer. So online isn't bad in itself - I just need to figure out an angle.

If I try to play to my key strengths, all we I really have is my writing, my love for Google and my training skills. What can you really do with that?

I think at this point all I really have is passion - the desire to do something even though I don't know yet what that idea might be. But if I keep devoting time to thinking about it, maybe I'll strike upon a random bit of inspiration and think of something. Who knows, right?

Or do any of you silent readers have any suggestions?