0188D: Sunday Run Through

So currently Typhoon Kalmaegi (Luis) is currently making its way through Luzon. The result has been quite a lot of rain throughout the day and actually a nice spot of colder weather right now. Were I not so worried about the state of Metro Manila's pathetic drainage system, I'd actually say that the weather is rather lovely. Sure it's raining and that's not quite so fun, but with the steady breeze right now, it's hard to complain.

Blankets will definitely be in order tonight though. Making a note of that.

The storm should be out of the country by tomorrow, but of course it'll mean a lot of rain in the interim. And I expect that there'll continue to be rain until the next 48 hours or so as storms have a nasty habit of leaving rain clouds behind in their wake. If I'm lucky, the company will make a declaration about relaxing the dress code soon. Another mental note - better check my work email.

I spent the weekend with the family, although in truth the bulk of the time spent playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, so I guess the statement "with the family" is a bit arguable. I helped my brother get through Act V for the first time and then we played two acts worth of Adventure Mode in order to get a few Paragon levels for our characters. Of course by a few it means that I'm at level 20+ in terms of Paragon benefits so far.

Currently watching Please Like Me, an Australian sitcom with a bit of an LGBT premise behind the protagonist. I actually heard about the show because of the torrent site I primarily use for more adult-oriented entertainment, if you know what I mean. It's funny how this seems to be happening more and more. Is this a sign of growing up? Instead of the usual stuff that younger gay men are obsessed about, all I can think of is whether or  not Tobie and I are ready to get a house on our own or which show might be worth watching.

I'd love a massage, but the weather doesn't exactly encourage one to leave the Sietch any time soon. And then there's the thought of O Bar even later - is it safe enough to hit the club later? I would kinda go for a few sets of the Oh Divas tonight.