01889: Meandering Through Bad Television

As much as possible, I make it a point to wait for Tobie to be available before watching and of the TV shows that we like. It's part of our routine here at the Sietch, although in recent months we've had less and less time to watch shows together. This has led to me trying to categorize shows based on our level of shared interest. Other shows end up getting put on the chopping block and I opt to watch these shows on my own. It doesn't feel like "cheating" on Tobie with respect to such TV shows since we mutually agree that he's no longer invested in seeing them to the end.

But more often than not, the shows that I end up continuing on my own are the same ones that quickly drop off our "to-watch" list. I end up watching them more out of habit or to have something to do while Tobie is at work. For most shows of this nature, I also end up telling Tobie that I only plan to get to the end of the season in order to write a proper review. Anything beyond that feels like a waste of my time.

This is what happened to Grimm and eventually Once Upon a Time. Glee didn't even get this much leeway. And most recently I concluded the series run of Wilfred without feeling all that fulfilled in terms of how things ended. Shows that are currently circling the drain of our displeasure are Falling Skies, Defiance and possibly Under the Dome, although we haven't checked out the second season just yet. Right now I need to get past the most current seasons of Falling Skies and Defiance before I can move on to other shows.

Why am I giving up on these shows? Well, for the most part they're getting boring. Wilfred really jumped the shark with the odd "dog god" angle to things. Falling Skies has gotten increasingly muddy with every new entrant in their resistance movement. And Defiance wasn't all that amazing to begin with and this second season seems to have way to many characters to juggle around. And it's not like we even play the video game related to the show.

With less and less time left to watch good television with Tobie, it only makes sense the use that time wisely. For every show like Defiance that we drop from the viewing roster, this leaves more time for the likes of House of Cards or Orphan Black. And of course we'll always have Doctor Who.