01888: Back to Reality

It's always a little tricky getting back into your normal routine after any vacation of length. And while we weren't even away for a full week or something, it's still not easy to go back and face the music. Vacations are nice because for a period of time you no longer have to worry about daily grind of going to work every day and braving the horrors of Metro Manila traffic. When you're on vacation, you only need to answer the question, "What are we going to do today?" more than any other. And that can be a pretty great question to address.

I was still on leave yesterday as part of my usual most-travel transition period. Even though Singapore is in the same time zone of the Philippines, our tendency to take budget flights means traveling at odd hours that aren't too friendly to anyone's body clock. Last Thursday I didn't sleep after my Wednesday night work shift in order to get packed and safely to the airport well before traffic could imperil our flight. A similar situation happened when we flew back Monday morning since we stayed up all of Sunday night to get packed and not miss our flight again. Painful, but worth it

And so despite grand plans of making the most of our last shared vacation day yesterday, Tobie and I ended up sleeping through most of Monday. It was certainly well-earned sleep and I rarely get to sleep more than 8 hours - what more greater than 10 hours. But hey, vacations are all about rest and recovery. And I certainly feel a lot more rested now than before. I won't necessarily sing songs of exaltation that I'm going back to work tonight but I do feel a lot less stressed out than before.

Now I just need to plot a course from here to the weekend. It'll be a bit of a trick depending on how crazy work is when I get back tonight. But I'll do my best in the long run to be all business-focused again. Plus this means that I can earn up for another vacation and new adventures with Tobie somewhere else.

Maybe we should finally map out a trip to Hong Kong. We just have no idea what to do there.