01887: Back Home

Travel is always such a tiring affair. No matter how experienced you are or how well you prepare, there's no getting away from just how draining travel is as a whole. Whether we're talking about a road trip or a series of flights around the world, our very nature as humans means that we'll never truly get away unscathed. But the side rewards can be rather worth it for the most part.

When you take budget flights, more often than not you end up traveling at odd times of the day. Our typical Singapore routine over the past year or so typically consists of taking a red eye to Singapore on a Thursday night crossing into Friday morning and then flying back on an early Monday flight - or whichever one is cheaper. This means being less able to take advantage of various airport amenities. But it also means a bigger chance of shorter queues at immigration and other such bottlenecks in the travel process. It's hard to figure out which is more ideal.

Tobie and I have been joking about flying business class some time in the future. But as much as such flights mean greater comfort on the plane, they tend to take place during more "convenient" high traffic times within the day. It's sort of like the riddle without a solution that is Metro Manila traffic - the best way to deal with it is to work from home or work at night like I do. You just sidestep the problem entirely. But hey, maybe Tobie and I will take a longer flight across the ocean sometime - that will certainly merit greater comfort versus what we get now. For a mere 3+ hours, it's not worth investing too much money into.

Singapore is always going to be a lot of fun, but I'm glad that we're back home. Yoshi was really happy to see us and the liver treats that my sister gave are quite the hit. After a weekend in the company of other dogs, you'll always want to come back home to the one you know to be yours. Even if he has promptly gotten back into his routine during the day and is dead asleep at my feet.

Yes, it's good to be home.