01886: Hot Pot Day

As is the way of these trips to Singapore, we've were too tired to do anything major today. All the grand plans to go back to places like Din Tai Fung or even have a decent Ya Kun Kaya Toast before departure have all gone up in smoke in favor of more moderate activities. So we ended up having a little Singaporean hotpot fiesta at home and it was a lot of fun.

In a way, Tobie and I have become somewhat low maintenance guests, which has been pretty useful given how busy my sister has been this trip. We actually barely saw one another yesterday and so only really connected again today. And it's good that we're pretty close to the grocery, I don't think any of us could have managed to walk much further than there.

And we're going to have more hotpot for dinner since we might as well make the most of the setup. And thus ends another fun trip to Singapore. Gotta prepare to face the realities of the working world again this week.