01884: Singapore Day One Progress

No Singapore trip is complete without ridiculous amounts of walking, and that has certainly been the case today. Between time spent at the Singapore River Safari and along the famous Orchard Road and other locations, Tobie and I are pretty tuckered out.

But it has been a pretty fun day - which is rather par for the course during such trips. I'm just glad that we don't feel like we're racing from one tourist spot to the next during this trip - as has also been the case for recent trips in general. It really helps that we've been here so many times that we've pretty much seen all that we wanted to see. So now we just go back for big events or with particular target venues in mind. It makes for much more leisurely travel, I assure you.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy though since it's the big Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention. It's going to be our very first time to attend the event and so we really don't know what to expect. Although I seriously think that the bulk of our spending is already done given we've already been to Paradigm Infinitum. Heck, We might need to go back to get one other game that Tobie finally got to research now. Oh the challenges of not having mobile internet access while in foreign countries.

Still, upwards and onwards! This trip is off to a really great start.


  1. I agree with you. Singapore trip was uncompleted without ridiculous amount and river Safari. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions to visit there. I read your blog about Singapore one day trip. It is really nice day for you. I have visited there before a couple of months ago after candian tour. This city offers a wide range of attractions for visitors there. The Jurong Bird Park, Underwater world, Singapore, Singapore Zoo and Singapore Flyer are the major attractions for visitors.


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