01885: Exploring STGCC 2014

So it was our first time to attend the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center, and it was quite the blast. No matter where you are in the world, a geeky convention like this will always feel like home. And there was certainly a lot to see while we were there.

The best moment of the convention was without a doubt Tobie getting to meet comic book artist and writer David Mack in the flesh. Tobie has been a longtime fan of his work, especially his Kabuki series and he has constantly been reminding me to get around to reading it. After today, I guess I better try to bump it up further on my reading list.

The whole David Mack moment was a little complicated since it almost didn't happen. The first time we dropped by the booth, he was still participating in a panel. There were copies of his artbook available for sale but we figured that we'd come back after the talk and get both the book and his signature then. But less than an hour later we found out that all copies had been sold out. Tobie was pretty heartbroken at this point and he kinda just walked back to me as David Mack went out to eat first.

It took some time to coax Tobie back into better spirits. But after some lovely refreshments at TWG (huzzah for tea time!), we returned to the convention, found him an alternate David Mack work to get signed and then waited for his return. In the end Tobie was pretty happy as you can definitely see here:

Such are the moments when I know why we're together. We support each other when needed. And we're more than willing to give the other a metaphorical kick in the 'nads in order to push the other to get what they want. Tobie encourages me to go back to my writing or buy that next Transformer that I want. So I was pretty sure I needed to do something serious to ensure he didn't leave this convention feeling that he had wasted an opportunity.

Our only other true convention purchase were these lovely matching D20 rings. And while we rarely play games that actually need a 20-sided die roll, it's just a nice, geeky thing to have to mark the event.

Until next year, STGCC! We just might come back, depending on which big geek legends are coming over.