01883: Before Boarding

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This weekend's Singapore trip represents the one big out of the country trip that Tobie and I are taking this year - at least that's pretty much how things are most likely going to end up for 2014. And going back to Singapore is never really a bad thing.

This is the first trip where we're not going to watch a play though, since the main event is the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (SGTCC), which will run over the weekend. Otherwise we're all just going to find ways to keep busy and whatnot. And of course Paradigm Infinitum.

Very briefly, here's what I'm most looking forward to for this trip:
1. Quality time with my sister (and her dogs)
3. Din Tai Fung
4. River Safari 
5. Eating at various hawker stands
6. Efficient public transportation

What I will miss about Manila even for this brief trip:
1. Yoshi (don't worry - a good friend will take care of him)
2. Weekend Gaming
3. O Bar
4. Not having to answer questions asked in Chinese/Singlish
5. The Sietch (in general)

What I will NOT miss about Manila
1. The MRT
2. The constant din of the condo construction next door
3. Stupid "headline" news stories
4. Traffic

See you on the other side, folks!