0185D: A Very Fun Sunday

Yesterday's modest celebration of Gary Gygax Day at Ludo turned out to be pretty fun. Tobie ran a Classic Dungeons & Dragons game for our little group that consisted of members of our Sunday gaming group and two new players who had gone to Ludo to try out the game. Given it was my very first foray into D&D, you could say that it was a rather "authentic" experience since it was closer to the original rule set for the game. This was back in the time when Paladins didn't exist, Elf was a class instead of a race and magic users could not use decent armor.

And while Ludo was a naturally nosier environment than we were used to, at the end of the day it was a lot of fun and it was nice supporting the local gaming community even in this small way. At now I can finally say that I've at least tried to play Dungeons and Dragons as opposed to my complete lack of experience with the game before. That's one more item off my bucket list, I suppose. But given how the game was, I think I'm a little better off playing Dungeon World. Plus one can totally appreciate how much Dungeon World referenced this original system versus other editions of D&D.

Being the addicts that we are, we still made our way to Mahar's place to finally catch up on Houses of the Blooded after a few weeks of being unable to play. And we certainly had a lot to get done in that game with so many plot points moving about. At least all of our characters are still alive...so far.

Making the most of the fact that Tobie got Monday off as an offset for the Tuesday holiday, Tobie and I pushed ourselves to the limit and made our way to O Bar after our back-to-back games. There weren't too many friends present last night, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the show and generally having a good time. And we also got to watch a new drag queen audition for a spot at O Bar, and she certainly put on a most impressive show. I expect good things from her in the long run, that's for sure.

My Monday sleeping schedule is all screwed up at the moment. I'm not quite sure how I'll manage things, but that's just how Mondays go, I suppose.