01856: Missing O Bar

This is perhaps the third weekend in a row that I haven't gone out to O Bar. It's not a boycott or anything silly like that - I totally love the bar and I do miss going. But given everything else that we get into over our weekends, by the time Sunday night comes around I end up feeling terribly tired. And so instead of heading out I end up going to bed even before Tobie does. Plus there's the fact that Tobie has an early meeting every Monday, so that limits our previous goal of Sunday nights at O Bar in order to ensure he wakes up on time.

Is this what people describe to be "feeling old" or something like that? Before I could manage going out to the clubs week over week over week with little consequence. But now I feel myself carefully measuring whether or not going out is going to be truly worth it considering how tired I'm going to feel the next morning and all that jazz.And don't get into the silly notion of somehow being "too old" to hit the clubs - that's totally on you as an individual. And as I've written before, I've never really gone out to try and hook up or be seen - it has always boiled down to just having a good time with friends.

I guess it just goes to show how much we juggle during our weekends. Given this is the longest amount of time in our weekly routine when Tobie and I can actually hang out together, we really, really make the most of it. And thus the days are completely filled with game session with friends, theater excursions and more recently double dates as our most recent social venture. There's a lot to factor into our weekends.

But I don't think I want the entire month of May to pass by without having gone to O Bar, though. With only one weekend left for precisely that, I'll need to see if we can fit it into the schedule somehow.