0184B: The Balance Of Cooking

By the time I get home from work, my mind starts thinking about food again. I usually have one meal while at the office - my "lunch". All other eating I try to reserve for when I get home. And given the fact that I get home while Tobie is still asleep, his brunch is theoretically within my area of jurisdiction. Sometimes he needs to rush off to work and doesn't have time to eat. But more often than not, we're going to eat something.

I've been especially bereft of ideas for what to prepare as of late, and thus rather frustrates me. I've written a lot about my general desire to cook more and try new things. And yet by the time I open the front door to the Sietch, I still have no idea what to cook. And thus I fall back on our longer-term staples like hotdogs, corned beef or other canned goods. And while it's still better than ordering out for lunch, it's still not quite what I want to do.

I really need to invest some time into planning out meals for the week and aligning our ingredients to that meal plan. It's just so hard to at times since, well, time is precious. And there's always some other activity that demands I invest time and brain power into. Just maintaining my blogs takes up a lot of time, but of course this remains to be something that I'm not quite willing to give up just yet. So it becomes a question of priorities, I suppose. And I guess stepping up the level of personal commitment to cooking.

And this is why I don't scoff at those mixes designed to make cooking a lot easier. Sure, they're full of preservatives or MSG or they're simply "not authentic", but when you need to balance work life and home life, they're a big of a godsend. And that's the real trick of the domestic life of the modern city dweller - finding the balance between convenience and truly good flavors in your food. Or at least that's how the theory goes.