01839: Saturday Is For Gaming. Sunday Is For Gaming.

Our ability to access Google-related sites continues to be rather weird via our Bayantel DSL connection. It seems especially bad in the day for one reason or another and it seems to enjoy timing these spells when I'm trying to update my blogs. Not that all other sites are immune - complex sites like Facebook seem to load initially but then have trouble rendering additional pages of posts and things of that nature. It's rather annoying, to say the least.

Last night we met up with various friends that have become part of our FTC Game Nights - these mainly being queer friends of sufficient geekiness or intelligence. And while we weren't able to play as many games as I had hoped, we still had some pretty fulfilling game sessions. Plus it's always a good day when I'm able to win a game of Pret-a-Porter with my highest total revenue thus far. I guess I'm mean to be a bit of a mogul in the fashion world or something like that.

This weekend is also Toycon over at SM Megamall, but we simply don't have time to pass by. Plus it's not like I'm particularly looking for something in terms of my Transformers goals - I think the primary priority figures that I'm waiting for are all new releases in the Transformers Generations line of toys. I have most of the older figures that I've been hunting down and I'm definitely not interested in the movie-related toys. So I'm in a happy place of not spending on Transformers...at least for the rest of this month. However I have been spending a bit more on digital comics over on comiXology.

Well, time to have a late brunch, then it's off to today's Houses of the Blooded game sessions with the Sunday group. And we definitely need to play today since for the next two weekends our Sundays will be taken up by various theater engagements. The challenges of balancing our geekery with our other cultural interests.