01835: Lack of Culinary Creativity

The desire to cook is there. The desire to try new dishes is there. What I seem to lack at the moment is true inspiration - I don't know what direction to take. I'm not sure what types of dishes I want to explore - or actually have the time to explore. It's hard to think of new kitchen creations after a long work day plus the equally draining public transportation commute through Metro Manila.

I'm sure I've written about this a few times before - the constant struggle to figure out what to prepare. And while we do get some help here at the Sietch, there are still a lot of meals that fall back on our shoulders. And both Tobie and I need to continue to work on resisting the urge to simply order take-out meals instead of hunkering down and cooking.

My staples for now remain to be pasta dishes and more recently "rice cooker" Hainanese-style chicken (thank you McCormick!). I've moved away from using the rather price Asian Home Gourmet mixes and am trying to put more serious effort into focusing more on fresher ingredients. And there's the desire to use more vegetables (like in the image above) - blanched broccoli and cauliflower are pretty delicious when paired with other good stuff.

Any suggestions for what I might try cooking? And the general goal is to be healthier and yet still able to balance convenience of cooking given everything else that needs to get done throughout the work week.