01833: Borrowed Time for Old Favorites

Given the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts III for the PS4, I've decided to make some time to finally get around to playing our copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, or at least starting with Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. The game is a collection of HD remastered games related to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The various Kingdom Hearts games remain some of the few RPGs that I managed to complete back in the day - and yes I acknowledge that my attention was never held long enough to finish most of the Final Fantasy games in recent years. And given how there were no new Kingdom Hearts games released for the PS3, this was the next best thing.

When I first played Kingdom Hearts so many years ago, I was not expecting to love the game so much. After all, who ever thought that they might find a lot of fun in playing a game that involved Donald Duck as a mage and Goofy as some shield bearer accompanying a young protagonist in big yellow shoes. But the quirky marrying of Disney properties and Square Enix characters (pretty much from the Final Fantasy games) resulted in such a fun gaming experience.

I hardly have enough time for console gaming given all our real life obligations. Thus as much as I'm eager to play Kingdom Hearts III when it does come out, I don't feel all in a rush to get a PS4 just yet. Looking at the stacks of games here at the Sietch we still have more than enough play left in this console and it's really just a question of when we might find the time to relax. I'm sort of tempted to file leave from work for a few days and just veg out and play games at home. Is that a valid excuse for a leave? Probably not.