0182A: Modest Kitchen Experiments

Gaming Food
It is the weekend, and we have a full dance card of different games in store. Today's original plans kinda fell through because of schedule conflicts and sickness, but we manged to make alternate arrangements quickly enough. And given that we have several new board games that I'm eagerly looking forward to playing, finding alternate players was pretty important. Such is our geeky life.

This was a grocery week and so the Sietch's larders are nicely restocked. As discussed previously, I've promised myself that I'd make a more serious effort to prepare more interesting meals and avoid ordering take-out as much as possible. How serious am I about all this? I even bought a silly little squeeze bottle in case I figure out some sauces that I want to experiment with.

Today's brunch with Tobie was simple, but different. I used an internet technique to fry sunny side up eggs in a way that feels like they're practically poached. Heated up some store-bought blueberry bagels and served with butter and colby cheese on the side. Simple, but quite filling and rather interesting on the tongue. I was tempted to serve out a few black olives on the side, but I wasn't quite ready for that level of experimentation. Perhaps in time.

Despite not having time for everything that I want to do, I'll see what I can do to read up on more recipes and expose myself to more types of cuisines. But more than anything, it means I need to have the guts to experiment in the kitchen, explore Farmer's Market more and see what comes out. May the eater beware.

Oh, and while I still haven't cataloged our PS3 games, I did make progress with sorting and cataloging all the cartoons that I've downloaded and burned to DVDs. It's not much progress, but it's still progress, right?