01829: Things I Need to Make Time For

I think I want to catalog our PS3 games. I see them all there their stacks and their bags but I can't always immediately remember what we have - hence the reason why we now have two copies of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. And I would like to have that handy option.

But that just reminds me that I have yet to work on a new catalog of the various TV shows and movies that I have also burned to disc. The core collection is already alphabetized, but my burns from the past year or so are still in a mixed up mess. I've made the time to get the comedies in order since they take up less space, but now I need to get the dramas and documentaries and movies all in a row - and of course I want to add their to the online catalog for future reference.

And that reminds me of a much older project - a plan to finally revisit the comics salvaged from home and get them organized, sorted and also cataloged online. I'm all over cloud-based spreadsheets for our stuff, really.

And I haven't forgotten the largest task of all - unboxing the newer Transformers and taking the time to reorganize, wipe down and generally clean all the display shelves where the Autobot and Decepticons live. And man, that's a major time suck.

The weekend is just ahead, but I know that I still won't have time for all of these things. But I'll do my best to squeeze in little bits here and there when I can. The joys of being responsible for your own chores - and I wouldn't have it any other way at this point.

At least I don't need to make time to catalog my books - I have those all logged over on Shelfari. And yeah. I'm a still a Shelfari guy and not a Good Reads guy. That probably doesn't bode well for me.